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The screenplay by dudley nichols is an adaptation of the stage to lordsburg, a 1937 short story by ernest haycox. Western films have had a long, tough road in film history, and stagecoach is the golden example of the greatness that can come from this genre. For ford, it was a return after some years to a genre about which his ideas had grownthe genre in which he would make many of his greatest films. The film opens as a stagecoach is set to make the perilous journey from. Trace adkins stars as nathaniel reed i thought i read neanderthal reed at first, and it was as much an honest. But in this film someone at paramount hired the vocal group the kings men together with future cowboy hero eddie dean as a group of outlaws whove got great harmony. Stagecoach 1939 the definition of depression giggles is pretty fluid in my class because were touching on every genre which hit theaters during the 1930s. The stagecoach is brought to a halt and ringo jumps off the lead horse, runs to the carriage, and opens the door to find hatfield telling everyone his last dying words before he slumps over dead. By 1940, john ford had made dozens of films in hollywood and won an oscar. Notes for viewing john fords stagecoach the movie is set in 1885.

John ford and the first battlefront of world war ii the unwritten. The most profitable contracts to be had by the stage lines were u. John wayne also wore the directors hat and acted in a number of films during the second world war that were specially made to entertain the troops engaged in the war. In the meantime, he had produced the superb, oscarwinning drama about irish republicanism, rkos the informer 1935. That begins with the digital restoration of a landmark film most of us have seen only via substandard prints and videos. Stagecoach 1939 is a classic western from film auteur john ford.

The texas jack story is as cumbersome a title as it is a movie. The stagecoach is not the object in these frames, it is an element integrated into the object. Each service crossed more than 2,800 miles from san francisco. Stagecoach war is a 1940 american western film directed by lesley selander, written by norman houston and harry f. Stagecoach is a film in which two great careers were renewed. Stagecoach, fort apache, or the searchers might come to mind. Stagecoach was deliberately crafted in a precise fashion that limited any chance for a technical failure. Stagecoach 1939 a one of the 15 films listed in the category art on the vatican film list. Stagecoach war has one thing ive not seen either in any western film let alone a hopalong cassidy film, singing outlaws. A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of geronimo and learn something about each other in the process. A 1963 movie about a couple of rowdy old world war ii navy buddies living it up in a. Two notable westerns were released in 1939 that transcended the bmovie cheapie status that had defined that genre for ten years or more. It was released on july 12, 1940, by paramount pictures.

Hoppy is busy chasing stagecoach bandits who sing as. Singing cowboys are usually the leads and the good guys. Hatfield is the only one of the nine passengers who doesnt survive the trip to lordsburg. Overview of stagecoach war, 1940, directed by lesley selander, with william boyd, russell hayden, julie carter, at turner classic movies. Stagecoach is a 1966 american film, directed by gordon douglas between july and september 1965, as a color remake of the academy awardwinning john ford 1939 classic blackandwhite western stagecoach. Though the pony express is often credited with being the first fast mail service from the missouri river to the pacific coast, the overland mail company actually began a twiceweekly mail service in september 1858. Unlike the original version which listed its ten leading players in order of importance, the major stars are billed in alphabetical order. Stagecoach war 1940 rotten tomatoes movie trailers. Schatz describes westerns as foundation rituals of american culturereiterating and rehearsing the myths of the foundation and expansion of the united states according to what has been called the manifest destiny of northern europeans to unite and control the continent. John wayne left behind a body of work that will forever be treasured by film lovers of all ages. Indeed, the crossfertilization of western and war film intensified for hollywood and for ford throughout the 1940s, culminating in fords cavalry trilogy fort apache. It was the directors first attempt into the genre since 1926 and his first to be shot against the impressive scenery of monument valley. Outbound from a small town recently besieged by indians, a stagecoach carries several diverse characters. Stagecoach is possibly the perfect example of a wellbalanced film.

Originally a laborer, propmans assistant, and occasional stuntman for his brother, he rose to became an assistant director and supporting actor before turning to directing in 1917. Isnt the same without george gabby hayes, who had jumped over to roy rogers by this time. Like the characters in last stage to lordsburg, the characters in the film stagecoach are stereotypes, but, except for gatewood, they acquire a depth and humanity that haycoxs characters dont. Stagecoach war 1940 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Stagecoach, john ford 1939 john wayne homage stagecoach suite richard hageman. This script is a transcript that was painstakingly transcribed using the screenplay andor viewings of stagecoach. The western was a bmovie experience during this time period, a surprising thought considering the alist talent associated with this 1939 film. Stagecoach war 1940 hopalong cassidy william boyd shuts up a gang of singing bandits. Winners best picture winners golden globes emmys san diego comiccon new york comiccon sundance film festival toronto intl film festival awards central festival central all events.

Hommage john wayne 1930 1939 marie djezarlevallois. This time he is out after the gang who keeps robbing the stage. But of course, those making these hopalong cassidy films knew their business and its highly watchable western. On august 24, 1940, a fire in the fairs california building came dangerously close to the adjacent building housing wells fargos exhibit. Media in category stagecoach 1939 film the following 4 files are in this category, out of 4 total. The images he captures are sophisticated and occasionally profound. Philip french on the topicality of the 1939 film stagecoach. Described by orson welles, who watched the film innumerable times before making citizen kane, as his cinematic textbook, stagecoach is superbly made in every respect, layering humor and sharp characterization into an exciting plot that includes a spectacularly photographed chase. Stagecoach is the platonic ideal of what a movie should be and do, and criterions dvd and bluray release showcases its virtues with love and care. Stagecoach 1939 john wayne as the ringo kid winchester model 1892. Stagecoach, the movie project that finally turned his protege and most famous. Gordon douglas 1966 remake of john fords stagecoach was doomed from the getgo even with a few good supporting players in the cast, including van heflin, bing crosby, slim pickens, and keenan wynn, it was hopeless to try to equal, much less improve upon, fords 1939 original. Finally, the stagecoach script is here for all you quotes spouting fans of the john ford movie starring john wayne. In his opening scene in john fords classic western stagecoach, the duke does just that to hail the stagecoach.

A national catholic register videodvd picks film sdg. One of director john fords defining movies, it also elevated john wayne to stardom. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Fords camera doesnt just film the titular stagecoach as it moves horizontally on a line, but it places it in a spot on the screen to show depth and length.

The quintessential tale of a group of strangers thrown together into extraordinary circumstances, stagecoach features outstanding performances from hollywood stalwarts claire trevor, john. The film stagecoach was released in 1939 to enormous critical and monetary acclaim. The music by jerry goldsmith might have been the only element of the production that was an improvement, mostly. Olmsted, and starring william boyd, russell hayden, julie carter, harvey stephens, j. Maineborn john ford born sean aloysius ofearna originally went to hollywood in the shadow of his older brother, francis, an actorwriterdirector who had worked on broadway. Stagecoach saw john ford master what he called the invisible technique. Stagecoach original motion picture soundtrack original. This film his first sound western was a return to his mostacclaimed film genre after a thirteen year absence following foxs three bad men 1926 and the iron horse 1924. Like a war that brings the nation together, only an external attack from the apaches brings all the stagecoach travelers together for a common cause. Wouldnt call it one of the better entries in the series. It always looks so romantic, and if its delivering a new lady to town, she arrives all fresh and sweet, every hair in place.

Stagecoach script transcript from the screenplay andor. Hopalong cassidy joins the stagecoach war 1940 helping out old j. Stagecoach war 1940 is an action, music movie starring william boyd and russell hayden. Stagecoach history typical stage of the concord type used by express companies on the overland trails. Curators who oversaw wells fargos display resisted moving the stagecoach and fragile artifacts until the last minute, fearing they would be damaged in a hurried evacuation. The film shows a strong visual style that carves out the story through monument valley, one of fords favorite settings. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email. Stagecoach provides examples of the following tropes adaptation distillation. The story is a social critique of french passengers trying to flee a hot spot in the frenchprussian war, and where one of the passengers a jovial wellmeaning prostitute is forced to have sex with a prussian officer to help the. Read the full synopsis of stagecoach war, 1940, directed by lesley selander, with william boyd, russell hayden, julie carter, at turner classic movies. Ford received a letter of commendation in 1940 from the 11th naval district. John ford, usn naval history magazine april 20 volume 27.

John fords movie stagecoach 1939 has a fair claim to be the most influential western ever made. See the full list of stagecoach war cast and crew including actors, directors, producers and more. Picture from the library of congress brief history of the concord coach travel diaries stagecoach decorum pony express capt. Stagecoach is a 1939 american western film directed by john ford and starring claire trevor and john wayne in his breakthrough role. This now iconic western won several of the academy awards that year, scooping up the best supporting actor and best music and scoring, while also being nominated. Stagecoach is a fine western and a truly exceptional film. The use of non diegetic sounds to enhance audience emotional investment. Farrell macdonalds as singing outlaws try take over his business. Stagecoaches of the american west legends of america. I know, i know, i still need to get the cast names in there and ill be eternally tweaking it, so if you have any corrections, feel free to drop me a line. Although he had appeared before in many films, as an extra, a stuntman and then an actor in b films, this was john waynes first starring role in a film by john ford. Hoppy is busy chasing stagecoach bandits who sing as they rob. Stagecoach, american western film, released in 1939, that is a classic of the genre, widely considered to be the first adult western.

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